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  Ishii Risako
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Law Department of Law/Department of Local Government
   Associate Professor
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers "Community Participation in Local Governance - An Empirical Analysis of Urbanized Local Governments in the Philippines and Uganda"  (Single)  2017
2. Papers "How Decentralisation Can Lead to the Improvement of Social Service Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges of Local Government- ¥Citizen Partnerships in the Philippines"  (Single)  2016/04
3. Papers "Leadership and Organisational Performances in Decentralised Local Governments - A Case Analysis from the Philippines"  (Single)  2015/03
4. Papers "HRM Reform in Decentralised Local Government: Empirical Perspectives on Recruitment and Selection in the Philippines and Thailand"  (Collaboration)  2014/01
5. Book Beyond 2015: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership for Democracy, Peace, and Prosperity in Southeast Asia  (Collaboration)  2013/09
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