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  Kinoshita Hirotsugu
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
■ Book and Papers
1. Book The Basis of Operating System and Networks for Cloud Computing  (Single)  2017/08
2. Book IT Enabled Services  (Collaboration)  2012/01
3. Papers Access Control Model for the Inference Attacks with Access Histories  (Collaboration)  2017/07
4. Papers Exact Mean Packet Delay Analysis for Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks  (Collaboration)  2015/12
5. Papers DR-MPCP: Delayed REPORT message for multipoint control protocol in EPON  (Collaboration)  2015/10
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■ Present specialized field
Information network, Communication/Network engineering, Information security, Multimedia database (Key Word:Information security,Copyrights management, Privacy protection, Database retrieval) 
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