Faculty of Science Department of Information Sciences Academic Staff
Professor(10名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Gotoh Tomonori Natural Language Analysis, Text Mining, Knowledge Acquisition and Learning    
   Kaiya Haruhiko Requirements Analysis, Specification, Software Engineering, Software Security    
   Kinoshita Yoshiki Program Semantics, Systems Assurance    
   Kuwabara Tsuneo Human Information Science, Object-Oriented Development, E-Learning    
   Matsuo Kazuto Cryptography and Information Security    
   Nagamatsu Leo Infomatics Education, Computer system, High performance computing, System Evaluation    
   Saito Kazumi Intelligent informatics, Web informatics and service informatics    
   Takeyama Makoto Theorem Proving Support Technology, System Assurance, Type Theory, Categorical Semantics    
   Tanaka Ken Computer Science, Network Security, Machine learning    
   Zhang Shanjun Intelligent Vision, Pattern Recognition, 3D Medical Imaging    
Associate Professor(2名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Antoine Bossard interconnection networks, routing problems    
   Umatani Seiji Informatics, Software    
Research Assistant(3名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Kimoto Hirotsugu Computer Graphics    
   Morimoto Takayuki Intelligent Informatics    
   Nagumo Natsuhiko Entertainment and game informatics, optimization problem