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  Zhang Haizhong
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Architecture and Building Engineering Department of Architecture and Building Engineering
   Assistant Professor
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2017/11/10 Comparison of response spectral ratio and Fourier spectral ratio based on statistical analysis of ground-motion records (International Symposium on Life-cycle Engineering and Sustainability of Infrastructure)
2. 2017/09/02 A simple approach for analysis of fundamental mode shape of layered soil profiles
3. 2017/08/31 A simple approach for fundamental period of MDOF structures
4. 2017/06/30 A simple procedure for estimating first resonance peak in layered soil profiles (International Workshop on Disaster Prevention Technology in Asia, Yokohama)
5. 2017/01/09 A Response Spectrum Method for Surface Strata Site Amplification (16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering)
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■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Analytical model for response spectral ratio considering the effect of earthquake scenarios  (Collaboration)  2021/07
2. Papers Effects of Earthquake Magnitude, Distance, and Site Conditions on Spectral and Pseudospectral Velocity Relationship  (Collaboration)  2021/07
3. Papers Effect of Radiation Damping on the Fundamental Period of Linear Soil Profiles  (Collaboration)  2021/04
4. Papers Damping modification factor based on random vibration theory using a source-based ground-motion model  (Collaboration)  2020/09
5. Papers Investigation of Relationship Between the Response and Fourier Spectral Ratios Based on Statistical Analyses of Strong Motion Records  (Collaboration)  2019/01
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