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  Nishino Akinori
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Engineering Department of Physics
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Engineering
   Associate Professor
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Exact scattering eigenstates in double quantum-dot systems with an interdot Coulomb interaction  (Collaboration)  2016/01
2. Papers Universal electric current of interacting resonant-level models with asymmetric interactions: An extension of the Landauer formula  (Collaboration)  2015/01
3. Papers Integrability of the Calogero model: The classical general solution and quantum orthogonal basis  (Collaboration)  2002/01
4. Papers Rodrigues formulas for nonsymmetric multivariable polynomials associated with quantum integrable systems of Calogero-Sutherland type  (Collaboration)  2000/01
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Condensed-Matter Theory, Mathematical Physics