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  Watanabe Nobuko
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry
   Assistant Professor
■ Present specialized field
Synthetic organic chemistry, Organic photochemistry 
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Solvent effect on base-induced chemiluminescent decomposition of bicyclic dioxetanes bearing a 3-hydroxyphenyl group  (Collaboration)  2021
2. Papers Highly effective and rapid emission of light from bicyclic dioxetanes bearing a 3-hydroxyphenyl substituted with a 4-p-oligophenylene moiety in an aqueous system: Two different ways for the enhancement of chemiluminescence efficiency  (Collaboration)  2020
3. Papers Notable difference between tetrabutylammonium fluoride and organic superbases as triggers for the chemiluminescent decomposition of bicyclic dioxetanes bearing a 4-(N-phenylbenzimidazol-2-yl)-3-hydroxyphenyl moiety  (Collaboration)  2018
4. Papers Organic superbase-induced chemiluminescent decomposition of a hydroxyaryl-substituted dioxetane: Unique effect of a bifunctional guanidine base on the chemiluminescence profile of a bicyclic dioxetane bearing a 4-(benzoxazol-2-yl)-3,5-dihydroxyphenyl moiety  (Collaboration)  2018
5. Papers Solvent- and temperature-controlled inversion of π-facial selectivity in the 1,2-cycloaddition of singlet oxygen to hydroxyphenyl-substituted cyclohexadihydrofurans  (Collaboration)  2017
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■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1.   Convenient synthesis of polysubstituted aromatic compounds  (Key Word : Polysubstituted aromatic compounds)
2.   Design and synthesis of 1,2-dioxetanes as a chemiluminescent substrate  (Key Word : Chemiluminescent substrate,"1,2-Dioxetane")
3. 2009/04~2013/03  Development of chemiluminescence probe using dioxetanes responsive to a conformational change