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  Asakura Nobuaki
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Engineering Department of Biology
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2018/12 Simple and reproducible PCR protocols using petals from ornamental plants to promote student understanding of molecular biology (The 27th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association for Biology Education)
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers High Frequency Regeneration of Diploids from Apical End of Cultured Hypocotyl Tissue in Tomato.  (Collaboration)  1995
■ Belonging society
1. 2016/04~ The Japanese Society for Horticultural Science
2. 2014/01~ The Society of Biological Sciences Education of Japan
3. 1993/04~ Japanese Society of Breeding
■ E-Mail Address
■ Present specialized field
Biological education, Horticultural Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics 
■ Department laboratory expense researcher number