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  Azumi Yoshitaka
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Science Department of Science
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Science Course of Science (Field of Biological Sciences)
■ Present specialized field
Plant Developmental Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, Cell Biology (Key Word:chromosome meiosis) 
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Time-Lapse Analysis of Chromosome Behavior in Arabidopsis thaliana Pollen Mother Cells Using pAtDMC1:H2B:GFP Fusion Gene Showed Chromosome Movement and Conformational Change at Meiosis  (Collaboration)  2022/12
2. Papers Chromosome behavior with 45S rDNA loci at meiosis of Veronica persica  (Collaboration)  2021/07
3. Papers Fluorescent in situ hybridization of 25S rDNA and Telomere Probes in the Lamium amplexicaule Chromosomes and Their Signals Behavior during Meiosis  (Collaboration)  2021/06
4. Papers Microscopic Observation of Pollen Mother Cell Chromosomes at Meiosis of Flowering Cherry 'Somei-yoshino'  (Collaboration)  2021/06
5. Papers Stage-dependent sequential organization of nascent smooth muscle cells and its implications for the gut coiling morphogenesis in Xenopus larva  (Collaboration)  2021/06
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2021/09/16 Microscopic observation of pollen mother cell chromosomes at meiosis of 'Somei-yoshino'. (The 85th annual meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan)
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2006/09~  Study on the chromosome behavior during mitosis of higher plants  (Key Word : mitosis,chromosome,endoreduplication)
2. 2005/04~  Analysis of the chromosome behavior at meiosis of higher plants  (Key Word : meiosis,chromosome)
3. 1998/07~  Analysis of Molecular Mechanism of Arabidopsis Meiosis  (Key Word : Arabidopsis thaliana,meiosis,chromosome)
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