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  Takahashi Kazuyuki
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Foreign Languages Course in European and American Languages and Cultures (English Language Education and English Langu
■ Belonging society
1. 2010/10~ Japan Educational Action Research Network (jeARn)
2. 1989/04~ Japan Association for the Study of Teaching English
3. 1985/05~ The Japan Association for the Study of Teaching English to Children
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2011/12~  The Desirable Roles of Mentors in In-service Teacher Education  (Key Word : In-service Teacher Education & Training, Action Research, mentor, professional teacher development)
2. 2011/04~  Application of Action Research to In-service Englisdh Teacher Education  (Key Word : In-service teacher Education, Action Research, professional teacher development)
3. 2009/04~2011/11  Making a Syllabus and a Can-do List for Better Initial English Teacher Education 
4. 2008/04~  English Language Teacher Education (Initial & In-service Teacher Education)  (Key Word : Initial Teacher Education, Inservice Teacher Education & Training, Action Research)
■ Present specialized field
English Language Teaching Methodology, Teacher Education (Key Word:English teaching method, teacher training, teacher education, curriculum guidelines, communication skill)