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  Kuwabara Tsuneo
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Science Department of Information Sciences
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Development of Shift Scheduling Support System Available for Various Kinds of Businesses  (Collaboration)  2016/09
2. Papers New data structures to reduce data size and searching time  (Single)  2018/09
3. Papers New Data Structures to Reduce Searching Time on Databases  (Single)  2018/03
4. Papers Design and Evaluation of the Course for Usability Technologies  (Single)  2017/08
5. Papers Quantitative Analyses of Difficulties on C Language Learning for Beginners  (Single)  2017/08
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■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 1993~  e-Learning , design and evaluation of GUI usability, business models on IT system  (Key Word : e-Learning, agreement supporting,cooperative creation support,knowledge,kansei,recognition,planning)
■ Home Page
   Kuwabara Laboratory
■ Present specialized field
Cognitive science, Cognitive science, Cognitive science (Key Word:communication,recognition,kansei,e-learning,Object-Orientation,UML,Java,Web)