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  Chen Chunping
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Engineering Course of Engineering (Field of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Engineering)
   Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
Microwave Engineering,Measurement and Instrumentation Engineer, Microwave and Terahertz Engineering, Measurement and Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics Device, Electronics Equipment (Key Word:Microwave/MM/THz planar circuit design, Microwave dielectric measurement technique, EMC technology) 
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Simulation and Design of THz Devices for Next-generation Wireless Communication  (Collaboration)  2017/05 Link
2. Papers Synthesis Theory of Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Transformer and Its Wilkinson Power Divider Application With Perfect In-Band Reflection/Isolation  (Collaboration)  2019/08 Link
3. Papers Novel Synthesis Scheme for Wideband Filters Consisting of Three-Coupled-line Including the Cross-Coupling Between Non-Adjacent Lines  (Collaboration)  2015/12 Link
4. Papers A novel photonic crystal band-pass filter using degenerate modes of a point-defect microcavity for terahertz communication systems  (Collaboration)  2014/04 Link
5. Papers Dual-wideband Bandpass Filter using a Parallel-Coupled SIR and Open-ended Stubs  (Collaboration)  2015/09 Link
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■ Belonging society
1. 2010/03~ The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
2. 2008/05~ IEEE
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2006/04~  Measurement of complex permittivity and permeability of EMC microwave absorber  (Key Word : EMC Measurement Permittivity Permeability)
2. 2008/04~2010/03  Development and electromagnetic environment evaluation of ultra wideband device for the next generation mobile communication system 
3. 2006/07~  design of filter, EMC related techniques, THz related techniques 
■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2018/11 Introduction to the Design of Microwave Filters: Fundamentals and Design Examples (Exhibition Hall & Annex Hall, Pacifico Yokohama)
■ E-Mail Address
■ Research Field
1. 2016/03 Electronics Society: Outstanding Contributions Award Link
2. 2008/09 2008 China-Japan Joint microwave conference Excellent Paper Prize
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