Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry Academic Staff
Professor(9名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Hirotsu Masakazu Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry    
   Hori Hisao Environmental Chemistry, Decomposition, Detoxification, and Recycling of Environmentally Hazardous Substances    
   Kabe Yoshio Organometallic Chemistry, Organosilicon Chemistry, Fullerene Chemistry, Computational Chemistry    
   Kawai Akio Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, Chemical Physics    
   Kawamoto Tatsuya Coordination Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Green sustainable chemistry, Energy chemistry    
   Kihara Nobuhiro Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry    
   Matsubara Toshiaki Quantum Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry    
   Nishimoto Yuko Analytical Chemistry, environmental analysis    
   Tsuji Hayato Organometallic Chemistry    
Associate Professor(3名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Shirai Naoki Space and planetary sciences    
   Shoji Tatsuya Nanometer-scale chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Fundamental physical chemistry    
   Suzuki Kentaro Organic Physical Chemistry, Soft Matter, The Origin of Life, Molecular Magnetism, Magnetic Field Effect, Condensed matter physics II, Biophysics, chemical physics and soft matter physics    
Assistant Professor(3名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Chikaraishi Noriko Supramolecular Chemistry    
   Watanabe Nobuko Synthetic organic chemistry, Organic photochemistry    
   Yamanishi Katsunori Complex Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry