Graduate School of Foreign Languages Course in European and American Languages and Cultures (Comparative Language and Culture) Academic Staff
Professor(8名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Hosoda Yuri Conversation Analysis, Second Language Acquisition    
   Iwahata Takahiro Linguistics, English linguistics    
   Iwamoto Noriko Linguistics
   Kumagai Kensuke French Literature, Culture and Representation    
   Okawa Mayuko cultural anthropology, area studies (the Middle East)
   Stefan Buchenberger Comparative literature, German literature    
   Tsutsumi Masanori Linguistics, Russian Linguistics, Slavic Linguistics
   Yoo Hyuck Soo International Law,International Relations,Japan-Korea Relations, Human Rights of Foreigners
Associate Professor(2名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Kakuyama Tomoko Design, History of Arts, Aesthetics and art studies    
   Yamane Maki Second language acquisition