(Last updated : 2022-12-09 16:58:36)
  Morita Asato
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Human Sciences
   Assistant Professor
■ Present specialized field
Clinical psychology, Special needs education, Cognitive and brain science 
■ Academic background
1. 2010/04~2012/03 International Christian University 〔Doctoral course〕 Completed
2. 2006/04~2008/03 Japan Lutheran College 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
3. 2001/04~2004/03 Tokyo Medical and Dental University 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
4. 1997/04~2001/03 Tokyo Gakugei University Faculty of Education Graduated
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Time cognition and mindfulness  (Single)  2018/03
2. Papers Right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activation during a time production task: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study  (Collaboration)  2015/05
3. Papers Recent advances in research on psychological time: A review of relation between time perception and brain activity  (Single)  2013/03
■ Business career
1. 2004/04~2005/03 Ministry of Justice
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2018/04~  Quantitive and Qualitative Analyses of Factors that Affect Subjective Time Duration: Focusing on the Mechanism of Affect 
■ Department laboratory expense researcher number