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  Ochiai Tsutomu
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture
   Research Associate
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Analysis on predominant periods distribution by microtremor observations for seismic disaster prevention in Yokohama, Japan using GIS  (Collaboration)  2019/11
2. Papers Creation of a Hzard Map Considering Regional Characteristics by Microtoremor  (Collaboration)  2019/09
3. Papers Development of Detailed Micro-Land Form Database and Its Application to Site Amplification Characteristics in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan  (Collaboration)  2019/02
4. Papers Microzoning Study for Seismic Risc Reducation in the Areas Coverd Soft Soil Deposit, Japan  (Collaboration)  2018/09
5. Papers Creation of a New Hazard Map Reflecting the Local Ground Characteristics  (Collaboration)  2018/06
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■ Present specialized field
Building structures/Materials, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance managementengineering