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  Eton Churchill
   Kanagawa University  Cross-Cultural and Japanese Studies Department of Cross-Cultural Studies
■ Present specialized field
Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Education (Key Word:Second Language Acquisition) 
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers The education of attention in enskillment  (Single)  2022/05 Link
2. Papers Language Learning Great and Small: Environmental Support Structures and Learning Opportunities in a Sociocognitive Approach to Second Language Acquisition/Teaching  (Collaboration)  2018/12 Link
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/03/19 The interactive calibration of force in enskillment: Interkinesthetics at the potter's wheel (2023 American Association of Applied Linguistics)
2. 2023/07/13 Interkinesthetics in Enskillment: Calibrating Force at the Potter's Wheel (The 18th International Pragmatics Conference)
3. 2021/08/19 Intercorporeal X-Frames in Skill Learning (2021 The 19th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA))
4. 2021/06/28 The education of attention in enskillment (The 17th International Pragmatics Conference)
5. 2017/03/17 Molding Touch at the Potter's Wheel (Touch, Vision, and Interaction: Multiple Modes of Embodied Perceptions)
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■ Belonging society
1. 2012/03~2013/03 American Anthropological Association
2. 1993/06~ Japan Association for Language Teaching
3. 2005/04~ ∟ Editorial Board of JALT Journal
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