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  Sensui Hidekazu
   Kanagawa University  Faculty of Business Administration Department of International Business and Management
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Business Administration Course of International Business Administration
■ Present specialized field
Cultural anthropology and folklore 
■ Book and Papers
1. Book Japanese Settlers in Registro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Their Identity Recognition  (Single)  2024/04
2. Book Enlightening through TV: USCAR Public Diplomacy, 1950-1972  (Collaboration)  2020/02 Link
3. Book Rethinking Postwar Okinawa: Beyond American Occupation  (Collaboration)  2017/11 Link
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/07/29 Postwar American Attempts to Foster a Vernacular Model of Land Use in East Asia (The 7th Biennial Conference of East Asian Environmental History) Link
2. 2022/11/20 American Geographer Transplants Japanese Walking Tractor into Korean Soil: Cold War Rural Research in East Asia as a Carrier of Agricultural Technology (HSS Annual Meeting "Sustainability, Regeneration, and Resiliency") Link
3. 2022/11/18 (2022 International Conference "Ethnicity and Resettlement")
4. 2022/09/03 American Field Scientist Transplants Agricultural Technology into Korean Soil: A Role of American Field Research in Trans^Asian Technology Transfer (Trans-Asian History of Science, Medicine, and the Environment in South Korea and Japan Workshop)
5. 2022/03/26 Postwar Okinawa and TB ControlCaught between the United States and Japan (Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference) Link
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■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2016/11 "Myth of a Humanitarian Marine: Racism and Nationalism in Remembering the Battle of Saipan," Symposium: Empire and Nationalism: Comparative Perspectives in Asia. (University of the Philippines) Link
2. 2015/09 Wartime American Research on Colonial Geographies of Japan (Georgetown University) Link
3. 2011/11 "Okinawans in the Ethnographic Gaze: Changing Political Perspectives and Consistent Colonial Modernity," (National University of Singapore)
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