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  Hosoda Yuri
   Kanagawa University  Cross-Cultural and Japanese Studies Department of Cross-Cultural Studies
   Kanagawa University Graduate School  Graduate School of Foreign Languages Course in European and American Languages and Cultures (Comparative Language and Culture)
■ Present specialized field
Conversation Analysis, Second Language Acquisition (Key Word:Conversation Analysis, Second Language Acquisition) 
■ Book and Papers
1. Papers Deployment of I don't know and wakannai in second language classroom peer discussions  (Collaboration)  2022 Link
2. Papers Establishing joint attention with multimodal resources in lingua franca guided tours  (Collaboration)  2021/12 Link
3. Papers Prefacing opposition: Resources for adumbrating conflict talk in second language peer discussions  (Collaboration)  2020/07
4. Papers Deployment of the formulaic utterance "How about~" in task-based second language classroom discussions  (Collaboration)  2021/08 Link
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/03/21 Direct reported speech marshaled to support stance in discussions for language learning (American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL) 2023)
2. 2023/03/20 Actions and positions of guide questioning in second language tours (American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL) 2023)
3. 2023/01/28 Construction of emergent grammar from groupwork discussion materials in task-based language learning activities (42nd Thailand TESOL International Conference (ThaiTESOL 2023))
4. 2023/01/28 Designing talk for L2 speakers: Questions and answers as language-learning affordances in second language tourism (42nd Thailand TESOL International Conference (ThaiTESOL 2023))
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 2023/04~  Learning Language and Culture Through Social Interaction During Tours Conduct ed at Cultural Heritage Sites and Its Application to Second Language Educatio n  (Key Word : tour interaction, conversation analysis, second language, language learning, cultural heritage sites)
2. 2022/04~  Collaborative construction of emergent grammar in Japanese university English language learning tasks: From graphic materials to spoken and written production  (Key Word : emergent grammar, language learning tasks, conversation analysis)
3. 2018/04~2022/03  Formulaic utterances deployed as stance markers in Japanese university English language learners' peer discussion tasks  (Key Word : Formulaic utterances, epistemic marker, Conversation Analysis, Task-based Langauge Learning, Second Language Interaction)
4. 2006/04~2007/03  University students' interactional competence in English: Conversation analysis of group work 
5. 2000/09~2010  Conversation Analysis for Second Language Acquisition Studies (CA for SLA) 
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