Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of Chinese Academic Staff
Professor(4名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Murai Hiroshi Modern and Contemporary History of China and Hong Kong,Contemporary History of the Malaysian Chinese, History of Transnational Popular Culture
   Peng Guoyue Socioloinguistics, Pragmatics, Chinese
   Son An Suk Modern China History, Urban history of Shanghai, History of Asia and Africa    
   Suzuki Keika
Associate Professor(5名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Akiyama Tamako Area studies, Art at large, Aesthetics and studies on art, Theory of art practice, Audio-Visual Translation
   Fan Keren Chinese literature    
   Kato Hiroki Modern Chinese Grammar    
   Matsuura Satoko Popular Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature    
   Xia Haiyan Cognitive Linguistics , Comparative Linguistics    
Assistant Professor(1名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Yoshikawa Mio Chinese Linguistics, Chinese Language Education