Graduate School of Engineering  Academic Staff
Professor(6名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Hibino Kinya Astroparticle Physics    
   Matsuda Kazuyuki experimental condensed matter physics, nuclear magnetic resonance experiments    
   Sasaki Munetaka Condensed Matter Physics (Numerical Simulations, etc.)    
   Shimizu Yuki Elementary Particle Experiments, Cosmic Ray Physics
   Tamura Tadahisa Observational Astrophysics, Cosmic-ray Physics    
   Yamazaki Noriaki Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Global Analysis    
Associate Professor(4名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Kyakuno Haruka Research on The Structural Properties of Water Trapped in Fine Spaces    
   Nishino Akinori Condensed-Matter Theory, Mathematical Physics
   Udo Shigeharu Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics    
   Usami Yoshiyuki Physics, Biophysics, chemical physics and soft matter physics