Graduate School of Science Course of Science (Field of Biological Sciences) Academic Staff
Professor(9名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Fujiwara Ken Endocrinology, Histology
   Inoue Kazuhito Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Microbiology    
   Iwamoto Akitoshi Plant Morphology,Plant Physiology    
   Izumi Susumu Bio chemistry, Molecular Biology, Insect science    
   Kotani Susumu Biochemistry, Cell Biology    
   Nishitani Kazuhiko Plant Physiology, Plant Cell Wall Biology    
   Ohira Tsuyoshi Molecular Endocrinology of Crustacea, Biochemistry of Peptide Hormones, Reproductive Physiology of Crustacea    
   Takahashi Kazuo
   Toyoizumi Ryuji Developmental biology    
Associate Professor(2名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Azumi Yoshitaka Plant Developmental Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, Cell Biology    
   Suzuki Yoshihiro Physiological ecology of plant