Graduate School of Engineering Course of Architecture and Building Engineering Academic Staff
Professor(14名) Specialized field Message from Professor
   Fujita Masanori Building Structures and Materials    
   Iwamoto Shizuo Building Environmental Engineering, Building Services    
   Matsukuma Hiroshi History of Modern Architecture
   Nakai Kunio Architectural Theory, Architectural Design, Architectural Planning    
   Rokkaku Miru Architectural planning and city planning    
   Shimazaki Kazushi Building Structures and Materials    
   Shumuta Yoshiharu Structure engineering and earthquake engineering, Disaster prevention engineering, Social systems engineering    
   Sogabe Masashi Architectural Design    
   Stanley Russell Architectural Design    
   Takahashi Jutaro Architectural Project Design, Real Estate Design, Town Management    
   Uchida Seizo History of Japanese Architecture, History of Modern Housing, History of Modern Architecture    
   Yamaga Kyoko Urban Planning and Community Development    
   Yasuda Yosuke Architectural Environmental Engineering, Environmental Acoustics    
   Yoshie Keisuke Building structures and materials